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MIND OVER MATTER PERFUME  New! Under the July crescent moon, and on our tenth anniversary, Kicks Perfumes is delighted to announce the arrival of our new Kicks perfume - MIND OVER MATTER. As Kicksters all know, a new perfume has been introduced with each book from Kicks. With the anticipated release of MIND OVER MATTER: THE MYTHS & MYSTERIES OF FORTUNE RECORDS, comes a fragrance steeped in all things Fortune. We have selected a mysterious and intoxicating bouquet composed of the delicate yet robust petals of the tangerine blossom. Tangerine fruit, a variety of the Mandarin genus of the orange fruit, was first marketed to Europe and America through the Port of Tangier, Morocco, in the 1800’s, thus a nod to Fortune founder Dorothy (Devora) Brown’s aching and mysterious composition Rose Of Tangier, which was recorded by the Four Kings for Fortune. This fragrance is available now in limited quantity  in advance of the book. Tangerines symbolize good fortune, prosperity, and excellent health. The scent is relaxing, and mesmeric, yet fights fatigue and irritability.  The bedrock philosophy of Kicks Perfumes has been to induce the total experience while reading. Allow a dab of MIND OVER MATTER perfume on your wrist, neck or temples to whisk you into the magical world of Kicksdom as your eyes travel across the pages and you discover the power of MIND OVER MATTER! Packaged in signature red label box, with a pair of lucky red dice and a random fortune telling tarot card!) Shipping now!