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About Us

The Norton label is based in New York City. Together with our Kicks Books publishing company, our mission is to discover, uncover, and recover great unlauded music -- hillbilly, rhythm & blues, instrumental, garage, punk rock, instrumental, and soul music- all that dwell under our unique banner of rock & roll. Founders Miriam Linna and the late Billy Miller started out with their magazine KICKS in 1979,  which excavated and revealed the stories of untold musical heros and unknown records. The magazine grew into the Norton Records label, which issued its first vinyl album in 1986. The label exploded, and, Kicks Magazine grew into  Kicks Books, issuing photography, fiction, and non fiction by and about individuals in the world of rock & roll. Norton and Kicks are  home to creative output of Hasil Adkins, Grys-Grys, Daddy Long Legs, Bloodshot Bill, the Pretty Things, the Flamin' Groovies, the Alarm Clocks, the Sonics, the Wailers, Question Mark and the Mysterians, Dale Hawkins, Ron Haydock, the Rockin' R's, Esquerita, Andre Williams, Jack Starr, the Flat Duo Jets, the Untamed Youth, the Phantom Surfers, King Uszniewicz, the Hentchmen, Wade Curtiss, Jackie & the Cedrics, the Church Keys, The Dictators and many other essential music makers.

Norton Records was named after the character Ed Norton in the old TV show The Honeymooners. We started our business on a kitchen table in a Brooklyn loft forty-four years ago. 

Thanks for the support everyone!