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(NW 909) Long before they delivered the full blown crunch of The Witch andPsycho, the Sonics were cutting their teeth in Tacoma teen clubs! These crude 1961-64 sides were taped live at dances and at home, showing the heavy influence of their primo idols the Wailers and includes the ultra primitive A-Rab, the group's very first recording - raw!! These tapes were recently found in a Tacoma attic. This is their first appearance ever! Liner notes by Sonics founder/guitarist Larry Parypa!

A-Rab (home recording 1961) / Rumble (home recording 1961) / Shanghied(home recording 1961) / Sonic Blues (home recording 1961) / Mashed Potato Time(home recording 1962 w/Marilyn Lodge) / Wailin' (Clover Park High School Dance 1962) / High Wall (Clover Park High School Dance 1962) / Lucille/Slippin' And Slidin'(Lake City Teen Club 1963) / Swing Shift (Lake City Teen Club 1963) / Louie Louie(Lake City Teen Club 1963) / Sac O' Woe (Gaslight Teen Club 1963) / Hey Mrs. Jones(Gaslight Teen Club 1963) / In The Open (Gaslight Teen Club 1963) / Bony Moronie(Gaslight Teen Club 1963) / Just Pickin' Around (Gaslight Teen Club 1963 / Sonics Dance Ad (home recording 1964) / Wailers House Party (home recording 1964) / Keep A-Knockin' (home Recordings 1964) / Hold It (home recordings 1964) / Think (home recording 1964) 

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