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(Norton 233) Recorded by the enigmatic Conrad Uno at Seattle's meritorious Egg Studios in a four day blast during their last Pacific jaunt, the A-Bones bash & batter thru new dance floor maulers & enthrallers! There's sumpin' here for every no-count with a 3-chord attention span! Guests inc. Japan's loud & lovely 5-6-7-8's, rockabilly legend Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell + Young Fresh Fellows' Scott McCaughey on the ivories!

Bird Doggin'/The Claw/Donut Run/You Oughta Know/Little Bo Pete/Hully Gully/Get Home Girl/Come On Come On/Flea Bitten An-nie/I Must Be Dreamin'/Who The Heck/Bonomo Twine Time/Oasis Part 3/In The USA 

"With a swing like a hangman's noose, the A-Bones are locked, loaded and ready to storm your hometown with MUSIC MINUS FIVE's rabid frenzy." —Album Network

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    Posted by William on 17th Aug 2023

    The record opens with Bird-Doggin' and if this is the tune best known as sung by Gene Vincent the song is unrecognizable. That is not a negative comment. I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah (greatest snow on earth) and as the record spins my memory visualizes winter days during my teenage years "tubing". Tubing means pumping up a car tire inner tube to maximum pressure, loading it on top of a car and headed to the top of a snow-covered mountain. Unload and ride the tube, if possible, to the foot of the mountain. More than a mile of downhill sliding at a speed hardly imaginable, lacking any and all safety equipment, placing body and soul at the mercy of pure luck. Injuries were frequent, including broken bones, concussions and worse. Casualties did occur on rare occasions. Adrenaline pumping made the experience worth it. Today "tubing" this particular mountain is highly illegal. Back to Music Minus Five. Non-stop action from beginning to end. Often the vocals, including background vocals are more shouted chants than pleasing. Thank Billy Miller, Miriam Linna and bandmates. Linna's drums never let up. Chaos reigns as guitar, bass and sax lend a hand to this near nonstop frenzy. A couple of instrumentals, guests contributing organ, piano and more near inapproachable backing vocals in spots. A couple of dance tunes, if the listener hasn't already engaged flopping around in near spastic frenzy. See my above memory of tubing down a mountain at high speed. The entire record has that feeling of fear, mixed with wild pleasure and adrenaline pumping.

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    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jul 2022