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204 JACK STARR - BORN PETRIFIED LP (204) last copies


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(Norton 204) 18 rabid frothers from the late, great Texas brainiac + a coupla his bizarre radio ads all gut stitched into one frantic footlong! Truly "out there" stuff w/raw 50's side & a flip full of savage 60's garage toons! Boss sleeve inc. stills from his still-to-be-retrieved Dallas vice squad monster flicks!

Crazy Rock / My Love For You Is Petrified / Come On / Born Bad / You Only Live Once / Done Away With The Mean Old Blues / Patty McCrombie / Sweet Chick / Rumble At Flagpole Hill / Halloween Party / Constellation of a Fool / I Love My Baby / My Baby Don't Care / I Need Your Luven / Our Favorite Recording Sessions / Beat Doll / Godzilla We Love You / Love Me Today / Show Me What You Do / Pain

All of the above + radio spots for THE ASTONISHING SOTO and THE GREAT MUNZINI!

"A lobe-pummeling set of ultra primitive rockin' that's cruder than a black bark donut... a deep dig into a real twisted canyon." —Spin