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EL LOCO 25th anniversary edition! Legendary digest size fanzine/catalog from 1993 is reprinted exactly like it was two and a half decades ago, same goldenrod yellow cover, printed from original long lost layouts which were located last year. Here's what's important. We only have a tiny sampling of original Mexican posters and lobby cards on the website. BUT we are now also selling our original in-house collection- all of it - soup to nuts. This means you can email us to request any movie from any era and if we have a mexican poster or lobby for it, we can quote it to you - or get this - you can buy any of the posters listed in the EL LOCO catalog that may be here at El Loco HQ at the original 1993 prices. Anyone interested in purchasing our personal collection, get in touch. It's an important collection of mexican lobbies, and one sheets, with a representative item for every movie poster/card that has come through out excitable little hands. This means Universale horor, monster, sci-fi, noir, blaxploitation, foreign, Superman, film classics, and everything in between including the naughty stuff. What are you waiting for?


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