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905 SONICS - BOOM CD (905)


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(NW 905) At LONG last! The ultimate garage kingsí second killer album blows neighborhood gourds just like it did in 1966! Norton delivers the entire original album plus 1972 live tracks of The Witch and Psycho plus acool crazed first sesh alt take of their first hit! Giant gatefold cover features the original front plus interviews with all the Sonics, pix, clippings, the whole wild shebang!

Cinderella / Donít Be Afraid Of The Dark / Skinny Minnie / Let The Good Times Roll / Donít You Just Know It / Jenny Jenny / Psycho (live) / The Witch (live) / Heís Waitiní / Louie Louie / Since I Fell For You / Hitch Hike / Itís All Right / Shot Down / The Hustler / The Witch (alt.)

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