908 WORK IT ON OUT! NORTHWEST KILLERS VOL. 3: 1965-1966 LP (908)


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(NW 908) And for the loud crowd, we wrap up with an entirely unissued 1965-66 garage collection! Dig the speaker shredding fury of Rocky and his Friends' Wailers cover You Weren't Using Your Head, the snotball take-a-hike punk of the Jet City Five's Huh and the spunky teen crank of the Extremes' Long Dark Collar - and that's just the first three cuts!

Huh Jet City Five / I'm Hurtin' Extremes / Long Dark Collar Extremes / You Weren't Using Your Head Rocky & Friends / Dear John Hustlers / If You Want To StayPlymouth Rockers / Talkin' About You Plymouth Rockers / That's Where They MeetCastells / Little Girl Bunch / I"ve Got A Girl Bunch / My Friend Vandals / All To PiecesBeachcombers / Help Yourself Baby Beachcombers / Second Chance Misterians / No Trespassing In London Misterians / Intoxication Misterians / Bad Little Woman Right Of Way / Money Right Of Way / Midnight Hour Right Of Way / Speak Of The Devil Jams 

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