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When Hurricane Sandy hit New York in October of 2012, the entire Norton Records warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn went under water. By that, we mean that salt water from the Atlantic surge submerged everything throughout the tide cycle. The turbulent water hit the seven foot water line inside, meaning virtually everything was lost. 

Our friends at Crypt also stored several skids of albums and CD's there and they too went under water. As with Norton titles, the CD's were entirely unsalvageable. The shrink wrap was no protection at all, and once the salt water hit the discs, they were dead.

Vinyl endures, however. With local muscle from friends and record fans, we were able to salvage a bunch Crypt albums where the wax was just fine. The LP jackets were stripped off the salvageable Crypts and discarded, and the vinyl was resleeved in new donated paper sleeves. 

We have rejacketed the LP's in black LP jackets with a cool bumper sticker sized custom "Sandy" sticker (see above) designed by Avi Spivak. Each record label is rubber stamped "Sandy".

We have priced these LP's to move and hope you are able to expand your Crypt collection with some of these now out of print titles. They may not bear the great Crypt original jackets, but the music lives on in indestructible PVC. Many of these titls we only ahve one or two copeis of, so act fast on this.